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then it is agreed that there is not only one method ?
or just that 'that' method is 'wrong' ?
absolute or relative ?
if absolute then the limits must be defined, which they are - which these apps have nothing to do with
- so we are left with a heat source having certain characteristics
what is the big deal ?

ah yes Scott, "take it as the word", what a burden are facts in conflict with opinion
are the conditions not stated ? then that is the word to be listened to, and to use to 'adjust' the data as appropriate

that article is a bonehead comparison, pay attention to definitions (case temp is defined as the IHS temp measured a very specific way)

are the TCs reading the same temp ? same place ?
what is your point/question ?
what are you comparing it - or any heat source - to ?
or are you questioning sensor placement ?

data is no more than data; if reproducible it is good, if intelligible it may be useful
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