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I really dislike the idea of using a IHS CPU for testing. The IHS has a TIM layer that meets the die of the CPU no? How many times can you mount a block to it until that TIM layer starts to degrade? How many times do you use the same TIM joint from the heat sink/water block to the CPU? I only use it once. Hell sometimes not at all if I feel I screwed up the mount. How many times does AMD or Intel think their CPU will be remounted? I doubt they figure multiple remounts into their engineering of the IHS and TIM layer seeing how 99.9% of CPU's only get mounted once in their life time.

Also the IHS helps spread the heat more evenly eh? So how is that different than a die sim which the heat is spread pretty evenly? Only difference is TIM layer and the thickness of the IHS itself. I don't see why that would change things so dramatically.

I hope to mill a new die sim or 2 during Thanksgiving if I have time. Should I mill a IHS to mount on top of the die aswell?
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