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nikhsub1> TTV TC is just above the core center, thermal gradient is only one way because power comes from die (hottest part), if IHS center is cooler then core is cooler and vice versa, the opposite isn't possible, it's not physical. If really you are motivated, nobody prevents you to control multiple points (die T° in addition to IHS center for example) if you really want to see how linear or how non linear relations are, choose a method and have more data. Die temp isn't the only interesting point.

jaydee> IHS is bigger than a die, it's not the same thing to put ~1.4mm more height (IHS thickness) on a 10x10mm die, than put a 30x30mm IHS on a 10x10mm die. And it's not the same to make a 30x30mm die (Joe on o/ makes one, no? It's meaningless), it's absolutly not equal to a die covered by a 30x30 IHS part !

For the TIM between die and IHS, you can solder it if you want or use epoxy, no matter and it don't change for tests. Intel uses epoxy to this place, it's not liquid thermal paste (pump-out effect is always possible)

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