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I'm not being very....let's say smart in the component choosing area. I don't really know what to choose, I don't exactly know what companies are good, I understand what everything is (mostly), I just swap components a lot, and I don't know why. I wanted a PSU that already has PCI-E adaptors on it, but I could just get an adaptor. My biggest problem is my money, I don't know if I can get what I want for the price. In terms of case I know that i'd like something simple, nothing that's too crazy looking. I checked out the Evercase 4252 and I like it (thanks for the suggestion ^.-). I mainly want a cheap system, that I can upgrade (so I'd like PCI-E). The silent part isn't that big of an issue, it was something I would like to have, but if it means lower quality components so I don't have to deal with noise, then I'd give it up. If there's some way to make my computer quiet, cheap, and open to upgrades in the future then I'd be glad to go for it. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for all yer help guys.
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