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PATA = Parallel ATA (as opposed to SATA or serial ata.) Its the same standard ribbon cable that you know and love - call it IDE if you want.

PCI-E 16x is a longer version (and more bandwidth) than the 1x. PCI-E is designed to be scalable like that. 16x is for video cards. 1x is for everything else.

The venice 3000+ is low enough heat that you can use the stock cooler w/ no issues. Only spend the extra cash if you are REALLY worried about the noise. I'd try the stock one out and see how it is before dropping more on a aftermarket cooler.

I really like the Antec NeoPower psu. Its modular, has the 24pin ATX 2.0 plug and native PCI-E and SATA power connectors. Its very stable and fairly quite.

Just remember, NEVER EVER skimp on the PSU and mobo. Get the best you can afford (that does what you need.) Flaky motherboards just plain suck - and are a big part of those "random lockups" and other issues that plague people. Low end PSUs are the other big sources of problems - especially BSODs and lockups/reboots during gaming.

I have that model LiteOn and its a nice drive. I like my Plextor SATA dvd burner more but not by much.

Remember that the new/next gen ATI cards will be out soon. You might see a price drop with ATI cards in the coming months. How soon do you need to get this?
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