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Originally Posted by jman1310
pata = ide = parallel ide
sata = serial ide

to get really technical (on this site?? never) IDE is a kinda whitepaper technology (Integrated/Intelligent Drive Electronics) whereby one puts the drive controller (intelligence) directly on the disk drive (be it a cd drive, hdd, etc.)

It doesn't address anything with regards to speed, signaling, cabling and so its not really a standard. But it was first on the scene.

ATA is the actual spec that describes the controller (originally an isa addin card but finally integrated on the mobo as part of the south bridge) the data rates, cable interface connections, and all that good stuff.

Thats why we have ATA-2, ATA-3, ..... ATA/66, ATA/100, ATA/133. The ATA specs all define a parallel data connection.

Serial ATA is just the ATA spec used for serial data transmissions (ie. SATA-150 and SATA-300)
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