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Default Re: New setup (sanity check)

Originally Posted by ulairi
The system's goal is to be a gaming rig.

Pump: SwifTech's MCP350 or 355
Tubing: Tygon 1/2 ID with SwifTech's SmartCoils or similar

Hose Clamps: Worm drive.
CPU WaterBlock: Danger Den's Copper TDX or RDX, SwifTech's Apogee GT (or even GTX + Copper housing for greater thermal capacity of the WB). Currently, of what is available in the U.S., the Apogee GTX is the leader.

GPU WaterBlock:.. In the same article, it is clear that in the SLI mode and waterblocks in series, the second card will get some seriously warmer (+10C) coolant. Perhaps running the waterblocks in parallel is a better solution?

Cooling Liquid: MCT-5

Others ThermalTake's CL-W0033 LCD temp probe?
First off, when you're done there aint gonna be no 28db's. Way to much heat for that. Have you considered rheostats for the fans. One each for Case fans/Rad fans

There are better pumps - Swiftech MCP655

Tygon R-3603 - ca-ching! $$$, but it's the best. You may want to consider 7/16"
(And read everything you can find by him.)

Just worm drives..that's all you need.

CPU blocks: Apogee GTX w/copper (bowed?). or Dtek Fusion.

GPU: Avoid full coverage blocks. Hard to get good contact with GPU and memory....they are useless if (when!) you upgrade your card(s)...Swiftech MPW60 w/ramsinks.

Cooling liquid: Distilled water (thats d i s t i l l e d)) 5% antifreeze (10% if there is any aluminum in the loop) and a few drops of Iodine. Leave out the antifreeze for max performance. Anything else is just lower performance bling.

That temp sensor is nice. I''ve been using one for almost two years. Water temps tell you what is really going on both everyday and when you want to see how new parts perform (or how those rheostats are working!) Do not use their fittings though...way, way to small. Pull out the sensor and epoxy it into a 3/4x1/2x3/4 tee. You can also put it into a smaller tee on a bypass by using two wye fittings. After all, it doesn't need much flow.
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