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Re: New setup (sanity check)


Thanks for the responses. If I come off as challenging of your advice, it is not intentional. My goal is, first and foremost, to learn and understand why things are "so".

Originally Posted by billbartuska
First off, when you're done there aint gonna be no 28db's. Way to much heat for that. Have you considered rheostats for the fans. One each for Case fans/Rad fans
Hrmm... didn't realize it'll be that noisy. The case fans are three-speed selectable, so putting them on a rheostat setup seems like a relatively easy and worth-while thing to do. I'll definately add it to my "to-do" list.

Originally Posted by billbartuska
There are better pumps - Swiftech MCP655
Curious. Compared to the MCP355, it has lower head but much higher flow. Why do you feel there is a need for the increased flow versus better head pressure? to which you pointed me indicates that a modified MCP355 is actually a better bet, especially if it is not run at full voltage.

Originally Posted by billbartuska
Tygon R-3603 - ca-ching! $$$, but it's the best. You may want to consider 7/16"
(And read everything you can find by him.)
Will RTFM. The original exchange between Cathar and Marci is what got me re-investigating the State Of The Water Cooling Scene (tm)(r)(q)(p)(z) in the first place.

R-3603 does seem expensive. Will have to scrounge around.

A quick search shows that they are mostly sold in 50-ft lengths, which seems about 40-feet too long for what I want to do (and even then I am being more than generous. I should not need more than 7 feet if I do it right). Google is my friend and it'll give me something to do at work.

What is the a good second-best?

Originally Posted by billbartuska
CPU blocks: Apogee GTX w/copper (bowed?). or Dtek Fusion.
Yeah, that's what I figured.

Originally Posted by billbartuska
GPU: Avoid full coverage blocks. Hard to get good contact with GPU and memory....they are useless if (when!) you upgrade your card(s)...Swiftech MPW60 w/ramsinks.
That was the impression I got when reading the reviews of the full coverage sinks versus the GPU-only + RAM sinks.

Originally Posted by billbartuska
Cooling liquid: Distilled water (thats d i s t i l l e d)) 5% antifreeze (10% if there is any aluminum in the loop) and a few drops of Iodine. Leave out the antifreeze for max performance. Anything else is just lower performance bling.
My concern is conductivity. I am a pessimist and would like to plan for the inevitable contingency that a leak will develop. Hence the MCP-5 choice. My first (and only) water cooling setup circa 1999 did run on distilled water, sprung a leak, and ate the machine. Bad memories. That's when I learned to hate the plastic hose clamps.

Originally Posted by billbartuska
That temp sensor is nice. I''ve been using one for almost two years. Water temps tell you what is really going on both everyday and when you want to see how new parts perform (or how those rheostats are working!) Do not use their fittings though...way, way to small. Pull out the sensor and epoxy it into a 3/4x1/2x3/4 tee. You can also put it into a smaller tee on a bypass by using two way fittings. After all, it doesn't need much flow.
The fittings did look too small, figured I'd have to improvise. Didn't realize just by how much, but not a big deal. Ideally, the geek in me wants to know temps at multiple points in the loop:
1) Arriving at CPU
2) Leaving the CPU/Arriving to GPU,
3) Leaving the GPU/Arriving at Rad
4) Leaving the RAD/Arriving at pump.

The realist in me is telling the geek to STFU.
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