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Re: New setup (sanity check)

Originally Posted by billbartuska
First off, when you're done there aint gonna be no 28db's. Way to much heat for that. Have you considered rheostats for the fans. One each for Case fans/Rad fans

There are better pumps - Swiftech MCP655

Tygon R-3603 - ca-ching! $$$, but it's the best. You may want to consider 7/16"
(And read everything you can find by him.)
Having read the article, it certainly seems that the MCP350 or 355 (Laing DDC1+) and 7/16th or even 3/8th ID tubing + quick connects will do the job just fine.
For the QF stuff, 51025K187 from seems to be The Thing.
QFs have issues thin-walled tubing because the physical force necessary to clamp the hose also damages it. I'll have to make sure the walls of the tubing are thick enough
to account for that if I do go with QF. Gabe (of the SwifTech fame) is clearly against the idea of QF, indicating that in a low-pressure enviroment the seal must be achieved via the mechanical means, which is less that ideal.
At higher pressure, the pressure itself will help the seal. looks Quite Interesting (tm) as well since it claims to be able to control pump speeds in response to temperature thresholds, plus USB uplink to the machine for software control.

Tubing: Tygon Silver antimicrobial for that "Die Algea Die" effect? It also has a lower permeability rating? Norprene-based tubing (per Gabe, SwifTech) seems better because it has the lowest rating.
Norprene is the current winner. QF is a bad idea - leaks and such.

If I want to run multiple loops (say, one for the CPU/GPU, one for another GPU and a third to handle RAM/NorthBridge, et cetera), I'd need to use a water manifold.,, and are some examples.
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