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Default Re: New setup (sanity check)

Originally Posted by ulairi
Having read the article, it certainly seems that the MCP350 or 355 (Laing DDC1+) and 7/16th or even 3/8th ID tubing + quick connects will do the job just fine.

looks Quite Interesting (tm) as well since it claims to be able to control pump speeds in response to temperature thresholds, plus USB uplink to the machine for software control.

If I want to run multiple loops
I run a BIX3 rad with a 450 CFM high pressure blower, an Ehein 1048 on an AMD FX57 and two 6800GTs. When the room gets to 78*F (25.5*C) I have to take off the overclock (or fire up the Iwaki, but that just makes the room hotter!) when just cruzing the net and doing way benchmarking/gaming!
So I'd think real hard about that PA160 with any kind of fans.

All that T-Ballancer stuff is small bore tubing stuff.

Multiple loops...later. Theres no reason to cool anything other that CPU/GPU, unless it's bling.
My new rig....
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Two Opticals and 120 gigs (w/28gigs in RAID0) on 4 Maxstors

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