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Default Re: New setup (sanity check)

Originally Posted by bobkoure
I actually had better luck with the Swiftech 6000 - with the Eheim 1046 and HPPS (not two pumps in the same loop - tried with both).
"Better luck" defined as "could sustain higher overclock using CPU Burn".
I think you're using a 1048, which has a pressure curve like the HPPS. It might be worth trying an Apogee or such-like.
I'm pretty sure the situation would be reversed with something with a bit more pressure, like the DDC - but I haven't tried that setup (Storm and DDC) so I'm just guessing here...
I have two Swiftech MCW60s on the video cards just for that reason...lower restriction. They cool the cards well, even with big overclocks. And, yes, the storm with the Iwaki cools much better. When I click on the Iwaki I have to fire up the 200 CFM Deltas on the 2 x 120 rad to compensate for the heat dump of the Iwaki...not all the way (rheostat) unless I'm benching. ...that's what the 1048 is for. I run a lot of are through the BIX3 all the time (The blower is much quieter than the Deltas, even with them at 7v and it has more pressure and more CFMs than them at 12v..

So, to answer your question, yes, an agogee on the CPU would probably cool better with the low flow 1048 pump. But nowhere as good as the Storm with the Iwaki pump, which isn't as good as both pumps and both rads together.

Just so we're talking apples to apples here's my loop:
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My new rig....
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