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Originally Posted by ulairi
Thanks to the advice of bobkoure, got the gel stuff.
I think I forgot to mention - you want hat gel to be sitting on something with some mass (like a block of aluminum) or at least on something that also has a tendency to damp vibration - like a couple of layers of Elemental Design's e-dead (like dynamat II only loads cheaper - about a buck a square foot). You can do that "whenever" - it's just something that'll make the gel work slightly better.
BTW, I put about three layers of that e-dead stuff on the panels of any box I'm putting a pump into. But then, I get annoyed if I can hear a PC I've built at all so that's probably overkill for you. But, yes, it will make a difference if you stick it over the mass-loading stuff that's already on your panels on that 180.

And... welcome to watercooling
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