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Thanks for asking!

Heather is doing better, for sure. She's going to go with me to the store to pick up some groceries while her sister stays at home with the kids. She's showing some emotion, too, although still not a lot. Her speech therapist says she's really improving, which is good. I guess that's because her working memory is getting better. I don't think the speech therapist tests short term memory or long-term memory (which she's doing not a lot better and still pretty good, respectively).

Anyway, it's still good to have her with me. We just need to get her ability to initiate actions more healed.

I'll probably start posting about other stuff than the stroke situation, because I'm sure that not everyone wants to hear about it. I'll probably start with another thread on my dirt-simple aluminum case but still keep updating this thread on occasion. That way, the other thread will be fore-front, but those who are interested will still be able to look at this on.
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