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Originally Posted by pauldenton
do you mean with brass+steel, or with brass and also with steel?

i quite fancied using this (and even bought some...) but don't want to use it with my silverprop fusion if it'll corrode (let alone the number of cores that are part brass these days...)

can you elaborate?
I mean it will surely corrode most types of steel and I'm 90% sure it will corrode brass too. Unfortunately for you it doesn't have to be brass and steel to get corrosion, but brass or steel

If you don't have a pump with a ceramic shaft you should forget about copper sulphate.

Ah BTW, if you have copper and brass in the same loop brass will corrode because of galvanic corrosion. It won't be as destructive as copper and aluminum but in the long run you will se the effects. Do a search in these forums I remember some pics of corroded brass parts.

funbun I've tried to clean copper oxidation with hydrogen peroxide with bad result: the green copper oxide turned into an almost black stain that could be removed only with sand paper!

As per boric acid I wouldn't use it either. I may be wrong but I think it will have some kind of bad reaction with copper.
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