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Originally Posted by unregistered
I'll not critique an article I've not seen

some simplifications are apparent, which could be very significant depending on the system design
- in case
- in case, case air exhausted through the rad
- external cooling box
- actual flow rate

a biggish metal frame pump in a closed case will do more than just heat the water
Any in case use of a Iwaki or panworld ......ect is going to heat up a system big time. But Niksub1 is about the only Iwaki user I've seen who had the pump in case. They are hard to fit to the point this isn't going to be a issure for many.

A properly designed rad box should, IMO, pull air through the rad before it passes over the pump cooling the pump. So the rad box should show better performance/temps.

Your last point is one very few have the equipment to messure Bill, but it's still important. Hope you'll be doing some pump tests soon.

This is a really good thread. G'night.
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