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Originally Posted by Cathar
The parent english page to that, which is here, lists 8W power consumption for the AP700, AP900 and AP1500. Clearly in error.

I have no experience with the pump. The various models are all just the same pump, but being run at different voltages. The AP1500 is just an over-volted (17V) version of the 12v AP900, and from what little I know about it, is actually fairly noisy at 17v, but that's just second-hand knowledge.

If we assume 3m of peak head, peak flow of 25LPM and 17W of power consumption, this pretty much places the pump on a near equal performance footing with the muffled Laing D4's.
Thanx so much for sharing your knowledge with a water noob like me I'm hardly trying to setup my first WC setup...

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