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Default Re: Project:Big Loud Server

Originally Posted by HammerSandwich

You're doing a lot of trimming for your corners. How big a PITA is keeping the dimensions you want?
Its really not that difficult because all those trimmed corners were designed on the original computer model so I've just stuck to those original dimensions and its work out rather good.
Originally Posted by HammerSandwich
Maybe there's more space than I'm seeing, but it looks like replacing the topmost HD would require removing ALL of the other drives. Can you really fit a screwdriver between the drives? I suppose there might be enough room for thumbscrews.
To be honest there isn't really enough space once the drives are in. They basiclly have to be installed from the top down. Yes this isn't ideal but it's not like I take the drives out so I'm not to concerned. It makes the once off install of hardware a little more difficult but in the long run cause few issues and allows me to fit the drives in more compactly.

Originally Posted by HammerSandwich
When you realized that the frame's top was wrong, why did you not make it the bottom?

I'll be watching!
The top and base of the frame are of an similar design but are out together differently. While the top frame is riveted together as a seperate component to the top panel which is screwed on at the end. The base has the frame and panel riveted together as one component.

Also as you can see from this pic the base has a large cut out at the back to allow for the bottom mounted psu, the top frame doesn't have this.

Originally Posted by
How many HDDs are you planning on using?
I really don't know how many I'll end up using. To be honest I don't think I'll ever have the need for 14 drives nor justify the cost but it's still good to know I have the capacity.
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