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Default Upside down case.

Excuse the tupperware.. And future note.. Gigabyte G41M-ES2L SUCKS for overclocking.. I was able to get 3.6GHz mostly stable on air with this CPU on my old Abit board. This board, I can't even post past 2.66GHz.. Grrr.. But hey, at least this board will sleep and wake properly in OSX, the last one wouldn't, and that's why it had to go. I guess I'll have to upgrade to Gigabyte's better board at some point, but then I'll have to relocate the Radiator. Grrr..
Blew my mind to see DangerDen stuff at Fry's Electronics when I went there (first time there) to get this motherboard and some ram. DangerDen was nice enough to hook me up with this GORGEOUS waterblock of theirs as well as a good old Heatercore for a radiator.
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