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Default Re: Guardian OS units

Hell i have a Snap 18000 and a sexy looking 16 bay array ,had it over a year, and still cant get the bloody thing to work! Or rather talk to my 2 other "pc" servers with M$ on them.....
I wish i never wasted my money on the dam thing, its not supported any more, even if it was it would cost the earth every year it seems to install a working OS.Really i am not surprised Snap has had so many different owning companies i feel like i have paid good money for a dead horse!
Bah.....i bet a lot of you will now say how great Snap is, and maybe it is, but all i wanted was a good data server for home use to store TB's of animation and i thought this Snap sounded ideal and couldnt believe my luck when i got the array off of Ebay ( i am a poor person (declared bankrupt this year!) who just needed a decent storage library to save my hobbies creations.Little did i know i would have been better off buying thousands of dvds instead!

Er...sorry about my rant but its just so dam frustrating!
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