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Yes I do the powder coating myself, I've been doing it for 7 years.

Cisco: Are you sure everything your brother does, comes out perfect? I've been powder coating for a while, and powder coat always comes out looking nice and shiny (but if you're into cars like I am), however to get a completely flat finish, wet sanding is necessary. That and some powders flow better than other powders, Translucents flow quite nicely. Plus doing things like pulleys for an engine or the likes, come out perfectly, but on a completely flat side of a case, you can see the orange peel.

All peices that are being powder coated must either be
A: powder coated already, in which case you just need to bare up a small area to hook your ground clip.
B: chromed, as chrome will take the heat
C: stripped to the bare metal.

Plus all peices must be cleaned just like you clean a car before you paint it.
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