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Originally posted by bowman1964

now let me clarify why i am putting a stance on r290 and not pushing its use.last week for instance in one of the forums i was in. i hear a young man who was pretty smart, but he wanted to make himself a phase change i found out later he was only 11 or 12 years old.this worries me.does anyone know what could happen to this yound man if he takes his dads propane cylinder from the grill and trys to use it on a hobby.for one he might just open it up in his bedroom for instance and not knowing breath enough to knock him out or even kill him if the room is small enough.or heaven forbid it causes a explosion in his small bedroom.this worries me because my som is that age and i know how reckless he is so.
We should have a clause or something in our sig's that say that it is the sole responsibility of the builder/reader/whatever to follow the propper safety procedures in dealing with hazardous materials. If they are unfamiliar with working with propane, they should have an adult or other experienced individual to oversee their work and to make sure the working environment is kept safe.
The same goes for any other refrigerant. Some turn to poisonous gases when they come in contact with a flame, they all can cause suffocation if the workplace is not in a well-ventilated area, and some are extremely flammable.

I agree with ya bowman. We should make it clear that their main priority should be safety.

Heck, we need a refrigeration FAQ. In it we should FIRST include all the safety precautions. Then list all of our combined knowledge into one simple FAQ thread. It would save on a lot of things. Just point a person to the FAQ.

I vote we start a refrigeration FAQ. Anyone second my motion?
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