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That new picture gives an even better ideia of whats on your mind .

1. No no, not CoolerMaster's or Zen's . I was thinking in the convection and conduction of the heat inside the pipe and the gas, and not from the fins to the air . I think the interior of the pipe is too wide to make an effective heatpipe, but you can prove me wrong . Althou you are right that in the boundary of the gas, in contact with the wall of the pipe, heat will (probably) transfer faster due the configuration of the fins (and air flow).

The point was... will you just fill it with compressed gas?.

2. True, the p4 has a very small die, and the heatspreader will help alot. The copper pipe itself, given a decent airflow, would work as a heatsink no matter what else you use in it . If the contact point is good enough.

If your initial plan works, you should try the same width in the pipe, but increase the fin size, and maybe the pipe's lenght.

3. I was thinking in having smaller pipes inside, to "help. Actually, not even pipes, but pins.

4-5. Maybe some ducting is in order, a small pvc pipe maybe . I have a good ideia that just might work, the problem really is space. Something like using a small pvc tube with the fan on top pushing air through it (with the heatpipe in it of course). Or pulling. But i dont think it will be efficient.

Having one or two oblique fan's, just like a double fan bong cooler, pushing or pulling air through it (pushing works better , imo) would do the trick.

6. I have a v7 and a v7+ , both currently "used" due to some "modifications" im performing on my fulltower , and i have to say that i like my v7+ better than a zalman. It all comes down to some philosophical discussion on witch is better .
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