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the active ingredient in Pine Sol is phenol, pretty effective stuff
but again is not going to remove the (hopefully) dead gunk
and I think removal is the key to the issue

autoclaving is how sterilization is done
look at food processing piping, it is made up with couplings so it can be disassembled and cleaned
once contaminated, I have yet to find an effective means of sludge removal w/o physical scrubbing

I now have fair experience with Ciba-Geigy "Simazine", sold to the fish people as "Algae Destroyer"
'seems' to work, BUT forms a scum - which then plates out on all surfaces

I recently installed a 20ยต pleated filter and it is removing tons of crap - but how many tons remain ?

now if we can hear from those with experience ??
- and not the clowns with questions and 'ideas'
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