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That sounds VERY interesting. Very interesting indeed. I'll look into that and possibly try it before trying the "big boy" chems like RabidMoose suggested. It seems a bit safer, and I imagine it will prolly clear some of the collected organic material off of internal surfaces. I'll definitely read on it before trying it, though.

I had another idea, for those familiar with my doom-box: if I was to remove the PCs from the loop and remove the hoses from one of the barbs on each block, I'd have a completely open system. By using a couple of hoses I could potentially keep the system filled while constantly jettisoning the old coolant and assorted gunk from it. If I was to let medium concentration ammonia sit in the system for a while, do you think it would eat at the gunk enough for 800GPH high pressure flow to push the majority of it out? If I can get the majority out, then I think by using a growth inhibiting mixture (like glycol, hyperlube, and antibiotics), I could prevent further spread from the small amounts of crap left in the loop.

What do you think of that? ... Or is ammonia going to eat my components as well? Naturally, I'd like to go with the carnivorous bacteria idea before introducing strange chems into my system, but I'm pretty desperate.
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