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I am currently running two Thermaltake Orb coolers. They work great and they are very quiet compared to some others.
On my Celery 300a@504 MHz I have one similar to the one pictured above, except that it was originally made for a slot-A configuration. I ordered the wrong one, but I hate to send stuff back, so I made it work. I drilled some holes in the base plate to bolt it to my celeron. The back of the Celly feels only slightly above room temp when at 100% usage. I replaced my crappy oem one because the fans were dying and making a godawfull racket.
On a Duron system, I have one of the new Chrome Orbs. This thing totally rocks. It is a little louder than the Golden Orb because the fan spins about 1000 rpm faster. Also, it came with a thermal pad on it which did not perform well (maybe because I ****ed it up while installing it). I scraped it off and cleaned it, then remounted it with some Arctic Silver compound. Now, I don't see how any air cooled HSF could perform better. The chip is running at 103F under full load at its rated speed.
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