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Originally Posted by satanicoo
From what i see the cascade is more resistive than the white water?
And in this case a 1250 equals a mcp600 for the white water.

Could you put there a cascade + heatercore flow vs pressure grafh?

It would represent a more realistic situation, the mcp would look way better, and the iwaky md20 yummy
Yes, Cascade is more restrictive than the White Water. Only the first rev Cascade prototypes were less restrictive. As you can see though, despite being about 50% more restrictive, it typically makes for just a 5-15% difference in volumetric flow rates due to the shape of the curves.

What heater-core?

I use the Camry cores ("Big Arse"). Flow rates with the core attached are typically 5% less than where block lines intersect the pump lines for most scenarios when the math is worked out. The Camry cores have about a 0.7mH2O PD at 10LPM with the 1/2" copper-tube fittings I use.
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