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C'mon pH, look at your sig, it says it all.

'Home of the big players' - how can you call yourself a big player if we sit here and brood about all the other poorer reviews on the net. That's what gets procooling well known to the members who follow the other sites - not because they type watercooling in google one day and we come up, but because we infest their forums like the plague.

And with all due respect (and believe me, there's a lot of it) but this sounds all a bit weird from the guy who wrote:

Since there is so much hate for me and the way I do things, and since your methods are so clearly superior, this should be easy for you guys.

Your pal*


*and by pal I mean the guy that leaves flaming bags of poo on your doorstep and rings the bell
on - it was funny as hell, that's my point.

I'm not saying I love the abuse, but I just realise that constructive criticism, is a must on procooling. We have to be outspoken, that's what a forums for, BUT I agree we should be more polite about it sometimes.

And I also thing is brings the procooling community closer together if we can bitch as a family....

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