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The guard was there while cutting, you gotta respect everything that goes over 10k rpm ...To be honest, I was a little bit scared with this crummy assembly, so while cutting, weeeel, I was standing *a little bit aside*, didn't want to be in the line of trajectory of possible projectiles

2Busy, for the moment, it's visual control only, and yes, there's a impeller of an old orb fan inside, I left the magnet inside this time, want to try to play with hall sensors just to get the tacho signal to the mobo. Dunno much about the hall sensors, but I'll experiment . Only drawback will be if the hall sensor must be installed really close to the magnet, otherwise, if I can drill the backplate and insert the hall sensor in the hole without haveing to drill through and seal the hole, it will be great. If I succeed to get the tacho signal, MBM could read it and warn/shut down the rig in case of no flow. After that, it could even be calibrated to read the lpm/gpm, not to the lab grade ofcourse, but as an additional info, better than 'bucket and stopwatch' method

But first, must make all the components, and move the rig from the old crowded case to this big tower with lot's of space inside

Off to cut those bases to size, will post the result

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