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Originally Posted by ljohn787
Yeah, I think I have to agree. I'm really new at this kind of stuff, so I'm just playing around with things that are fairly easy to make. My prime concern with this design was definitely turbulence. I think I might revise it again tomorrow and make it so that they are waves. Although the program I use can convert splines, I would rather not use them because it plots too many of the points and the CNC actually has trouble catching up, lol. Is the design you made with arcs or is it splines?
No problem with CNC mill catchin' up...all you have to do is just use circular interpolation. However, you have to take care to define the geometry right...sometimes you have to use parts of a circle (arcs and NOT ellipses or splines) to get circular interpolation right later during G-code post-processing.

I use circular interpolation wherever possible.
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