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Originally Posted by Les
Was only inquiring whether "FLUXBLOCK 2", "DIE TOP 3 and "DIE LOW 4" where raw data values.

My values should show uncorrected values.Designated as (C/W) rather than (C/W)".
These (C/W)wb have previously been lower than (C/W)"wb.
Here, mine is higher than yours.
Was going to simply multiply (C/W)wb by 1.038069 to get (C/W)"wb.
1.038069 is my new number now I have(poached from you) the " positions in the Fluxbloc.However my values are higher.
Something is amiss.

I understand.
All the temperatures are raw or at least ADC counts converted to voltage converted to resistance then spun through the Steinhart-Hart equation with coefficients generated from the calibration.
Not sure what's going on. Can you simply use a multiplier? I'll double check this.
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