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wood bits for drilling in stone

LOL, I can tell the difference between the bits for various materials, I love making stuff, and I'm pretty good with tools, but this metal (thick pieces) drilling and machining is brand new (and very interesting) to me. All I'm trying to achive is to lower the experience=expensive equation to the minimum...for a start... I'm bugging you guys for advices...

El Cheapo':
The drill press motor says 350 W - S2 10 min. Dunno what S2 10 min means. It's a belt drive drill press, 5 speeds, ranging from 640 min to 2890 max. Max drill bit dia is 13 mm. I need to know the bit dia / rpm ratio to narrow (not exclude, where's the fun! ) the experimenting area for copper and aluminium.

Can you give me the title/author of that tech reference book, so I can try to find it here (I have Bojan Kraut's machining manual, helpful on some things, but not enough) before I continue asking questions ? It would be a good start.

Also, do you know the good place to buy a smaller x-y table, can't find it nowhere near me...
@Can O' Beans:

Thanx for the advice!
Take your time, I usually went 1/8" deep then back off
yes, this seems to be the first thing to do !!!

as the stuff I was drilling was already too far in the manufacturing process to get a broken bit stuck inside.
I know what you mean, on the second block (with the second drill bit ) I managed to drill one full row of holes, than decided not to do what BB2K said (one row is enough), started second row and - snapped the bit.

Thanx guys, your'e wery helpful !
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