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Ah yes, I know the drama of academic age vs emotional age vs chronical age.
The school my eldest attends wanted to put him in year two, by age he should be in year one, but academically he's working between year 5 and year 7 depending on subject.
We settled on year three, but he's bored and lonely.
If we accelerate him further to ease the boredom, he'll be further socially isolated.
If we put him with his age peers, his class is still "learning to read" when he could read at two, and they're learning addition whilst he's mastered long division.

We err on the side of emotional age peers and agressively push for extention work by the teacher. Eg: My son doesn't normally have any set homework, and we set bits and peices based on where he's up to.

P.S. Keep well, keep sane. Do they have a respite care system in the USA?
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