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"all conspire to give us a water-block epitomizing efficiency in its design"
They conspire, and they will be executed for treason.

"ensures heat absorption is thorough"
I'm glad the waterblock knows what it is doing.

" the Black Ice Extreme radiator removed heat from the water by virtue of 2x120mm Sunon 92CFM fans in push/pull"
At least the fans are virtuous and not being conspirators like the fins and cups.

"Danger Den has given us a malleable and highly effective cooling solution in the TDX"
I dont think anyone wants to test its malleability, or they'll be out of a pretty expensive little piece of copper.

I'm also surprised his bay res hasnt leaked on him. I dont think anyone told him that if you put zip ties on a barb, you have to put it under the barb on the flat part... Cause that is what kinda keeps the tube from coming off... right.

I'm not sure how review sites work, but I am under the understanding that reviewers recieve free "gifts" from companies who want their products reviewed. I guess that just screams for a little ass kissing to get more free stuff. I did not see a single positive/negative comparison on any aspect of the block's design, construction, ect. I guarentee that I could find even a single nit-picky problem with anything I have, and I think that even the smallest flaw deserves attention to put the positive things into perspective. Did he even show some pics or test the flatness of the base?

Well, I'm glad he got his waterblock and review.
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