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Originally Posted by pauldenton
the author is a big fan of this site as you can see
I can't seem to find the thread but I am the one that told him to stop reviewing untill he could do it more correctly. His setup is just terrible. The comp sits on the floor by the window from the last pics I seen. You can get a 1-5C temp change in seconds.

Also no flow rate test. A flow rate test is the ONLY way you can varify the performace of the blocks. You have to test each block AT THE SAME FLOWRATE. You can't just put a block in a system and then put a different block in the system and think you can define which block is better. Each block has different restrictions. One block with a VIA2600 may get .5GPM through the loop and another block may get 1GPM through the loop. How on earth can you possible tell that one block is better than the other when there is a .5GPM difference in flow rates?

Well I digress....

P.S. I also think it is ironic pH is being called biased towards the Cascade, yet there is no credible evidence ANYWHERE to prove it. The ironic part is this guy claims to be a reviewer yet can't do the tests to prove pH is biased.

pH is not biased BTW IMO.

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