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Default Re: looking for a decent socket 939 heatsink

Marci must be referring to the VapoChill Micro. I have tested four of these. They would do the job decently and keep the noise low. The cost is NOT expensive. The fan speed control fits into an empty PCI rear plate (not a rear slot) on the back of the computer. HOWEVER, if you're like me, unscrew it from the bracket and mount it up front on the computer case. I like turning dials. The Micro can be mounted in a full 360 degree swivel. Thus, it has an advantage over the others. Some people have their PSU or cables from the PSU to the peripherals in the way using the heat-pipe solutions.

The Scythe Katana could be another option if you can get your hands on one.

The XP-120 (120mm fan size), XP-90 (90mm fan size) are low profiled. The SI-120 and SI-90 are higher profiled. They will work too. Just be sure to choose the correct one for air-flow and clearance in your case.

As with any of these heat-pipe or thermosiphon solutions, remember to change the computer filter often or once every four months vacuum the fan and fins. Dust bunnies sure do multiply in these devices.
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