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Default Who's responsible - devil's advocate?

Hi Brian,
I found this by way of OC and my heart goes out to you and your family during these VERY difficult times. I can't believe how well you are coping.

When I first heard about the stroke I figured it was a stroke due to the high blood pressures created from normal birthing but then when I heard that it was a C-section and that the blood pressures shouldn't have been that high, nor should clots have formed (unless due to the surgery, medications, or anesthesia) I had to wonder who was responsible.

A C-section is VERY routine and the development of a blood clot at that young an age (provided she doesn't live a sedentary lifestyle) is rare. Blood clotting after surgery however is not rare if the meds aren't right and sometimes even if they are.

Anyhow, my prayers go out to you and yours and I hope that the hospital isn't culpable in some way.
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