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Default making a MCX159

i was cooling the NB w/ water but concensus here says it's a waste
i did it because my NB was actively cooled and i could get rid of another fan
i have since reconsidered


will a Swiftech MCX462-U Heat Sink cut down to a little larger than a MCX159-P Chipset Heatsink cool my NB passively?

i got a MCX462 off ebay a while ago for $6 (poor sap didn't know what he was selling) so i'm planning on cutting it up. it's 3"W x 3"L and the MCX159 is 1.59"L x 1.59"W
i should be able to fit at least 2" by 2" on my board - maybe a little more

will this cool the NB of a Abit IC7-G? currently no oc
can it do it passively? or can you suggest a VERY quiet fan in the 50mm to 60mm size range?
it would be nice if it was quiet at full voltage so i could plug it into the NB fan header on the MB

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