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Default Re: Upside down case.

Figured I'd give a little update since I mentioned my system in here, would be nice to hear an update from you too, Una. I was a little paranoid about screwing up my windows install, so I popped in a second drive, a 120 gig WD PATA. Should be pretty fast. OS X Kalyway runs GREAT on my rig now. Upgraded the CPU to something at least conroe (Intel Dual-Core?) and grabbed another 8800GT off the forum a couple weeks ago. $60 shipped brand new! Or something like that... Screwed with the drivers for a day or two, to see what I could get to work and I'm now impressed. Running at 1920x1080 on my new 23" HP refurb LCD, sound works, Ethernet works - all on board. MS office works. I'm happy. I also picked up an emac and man, I have that on my work bench and use it all the time. Overclocked it from a 1 GHz to a 1.33, and bumped the 300 something MB of RAM up to 512 MB. Probably will do a gig when I come across two 512 MB sticks. I love the speakers on that thing, the style, the speed, and most of all the flat screen CRT. Nice resolution on that, very sharp.

My main rig is now out of the ugly but sturdy supermicro tower and in an Antec 300. My cooling? A home depot 5 gallon bucket with two barbs gooped in the side is my water tank and acts as a passive radiator. I'm at the overclocked speed I wished to get to, and I don't see temps past the 40s. So... an attractive unmodded quiet case on the table beside my desk, and an orange sealed bucket on the floor for silent cooling. Here's a pic before I extended the lines and ran them out of a PCI slot to make things neater...

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