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It's very kind of you guys to remember me. We are doing well these days. The biggest change has been the growing up of the kids, to be honest. My oldest is 14, and the youngest is now seven! Hard to believe it was seven years ago. We've needed to move in with my mom, because we just weren't able to sustain things. She needed the help too, as she also has health problems. Between the three of us adults, we can pretty much do the normal daily routine.

Heather has stabilized, although her headaches have reduced so that she isn't going to the ER for them. THAT is very good. At this point, people can't immediately recognize that she had any brain injury unless they knew her before. There's some low agility, poor memory and a general slowness, but you see that in some people that are factory fresh.

I wish I could pay all of you a visit just to say thank you, but that'd be hard. So, I try to help anyone I see, because I know it what it means to have a helping hand in tough times.
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