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Hey brian while learning more about water chemistry i found a link about your wife having health issues and I spent the last couple hours reading about your wifes recovery and I am so glad to hear about her sound recovery. I am so glad and happy for you to have your wife back toa somewhat "normal" state I am only 24 and i have some sluggishness as far as cognitive capabilities so yeah

I am so glad for your family getting help from your parents and them seeming to be understanding and also seem like you had some help from the community as well.

I wish her and you many more happy years together. I apologize if I mgith have come off wrong i am on the verge of filling my first Water loop and i'm stressing about finding all information i need to not screw everything up that i havnt slept for about 23 hours now.

enoguh of me rambling i guess lol
god bless
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