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Quick Update.

I wasn't sure that the site was still running, because I've been consumed with raising kids, taking care of Heather, and keeping my job. Hobbies really haven't existed. So, I apologize for not responding to mbradley672. Life goes on and Heather is improving in little bits and pieces like having a little more energy and some more initiative. It's a race now between growing older and getting better, as we've both hit the big 40 now. Kids are doing fairly well and having normal kid problems (I won't embarrass them by enumerating). I hope that everyone who reached out to us has been blessed in the last nine (Nine!) years.

Congratulations on only some sluggishness! If you had a brain injury (you didn't say), it's amazing to come away with a mostly functioning lifestyle. One of the things that was truly amazing about the brain injury rehabilitation place (we had a great experience at Portland Oregon's RIO - Rehabilitation Institute of Oregon) is that our experience was so minor. Someone (literally!) lost half their brain in an industrial accident and kept going.

It really resets your definition of "OK" when a good lifestyle is defined by being able to toilet and shower yourself without an assistant. Forgetting your doctor's appointment or sleeping an extra four hours a day is really minor. Who cares if you can't deliver sparkling conversation compared to being able to dress yourself? It's surprisingly embarrassing to have someone there for a private function or to have to ask and then WAIT for help on an urgent but private need.

So, mbradley672, congratulations. You're able to move around, have hobbies and enjoy the internet. Win! I really hope you enjoy (enjoyed?) the water loop. It's fun thing to be able to build your own stuff and see it work. Even better is when it works better than the factory equipment.
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