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Default My First Attempt At Custom WC Rig

All of these items arrived yesterday and today so I'm almost set...




WC parts from Arienrhode (traded my KD7 and XMS 3200)

CPU WB (didn't come with mounting HW though) Any ideas for springs, bolts, nuts, washers, etc.?



Bought this Maxi-Jet pump on Ebay the other day only because I couldn't pass up the price.


Reservoir arrived last week

Still need some 1/2" fittings to convert the WB and Eheim. Need to find someway to piece together a mounting mechanism for the WB. Need to figure out a way to wire the Scoops fans since I only have a couple of inches of bare wire. Need to cut some holes in the case and figure out where I'll put everything. Need some window kits, CC, fans, etc.

Anything else I've missed???????
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