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CRAP. attach was too big, my stuff got lost

here we go again: stuff to improve performance

#1: use two smaller cuts to connect the holes instead of one

#2: design of the block above the CPU die, should I go for

a) a star-shaped like my current one?
b) #rotor style
c) an attempt to create mininchannels with my dremel?

#3: direction of the water flow. either the water goes from the inlet straight to the outlet. or it makes 2 90° angles like mine atm

#4: jets, what's best?
a) three small holes right above the holes in the CPU block
b) two small holes right above the edges of the drilled holes
c) long vertical cuts in the plate

these are the things I've been thinking of for quite a while. what do you, the Pro's, think of this? I think some small tweaks might shave off several degrees again
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