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Having a buddy that owns a NAPA store I figured I'd go poke around and see what they had. Well, if any of you U.S.guys have a NAPA store close go there to look. Their catalog lists so many HC's with sizes and tube sizes it was overwhelming. Found some Jeep HC's that were perfect size but the one I wanted there was only one available in the country I wound up with a '77 Impala with A/C for 17.50 @ Auto Zone. 14cmx30cmx5cm tanks included.
The NAPA parts book is a great resource if you have a NAPA store.

One thing I found with my Impala HC I've never seen mentioned anywhere so I thought I'd bring it up as I think it's somewhat common to HC's.
The Impala HC comes with a nylon 1/4" ID flow restrictor inserted into the 5/8 tube. Was down in the tube far enough that until I cut the tubes down to solder on fittings did I finally notice it. Not good. With an easy-out it came out very easily and now the HC has what feels like zero resistance to air passing through.
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