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Default Re: Unable to log into Snap 2000 from Vista

I've read about it at google ... somebody has used this workarround at the terastation without hacking something...

... but anyway, at the terastation you are able to hack the firmware or tune the samba settings at smb.conf. So I want to install a little, nice debian on it at an extra harddisk.

I've read also a bit about... and have read, that the performance should be even better, than the snap 2200 performance. I'll give it a try...

Using ftp would speed up the performance than using smb I think, but I would rather use smb. I must test all devices and will compare the usability.
And the device, that does not match my demands will be sold...

For me it is a little bit a question of principle.
In the meantime the only issue with snapos under vista is the problem by deleting non-empty folders. And this can be solved by using other tool for deleting or the commandline. But it is an issue...
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