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Default Re: Do you have a HTPC?

I'm running a MCE 2005 powered box, waiting to be moved into a lovely watercooled 3r ht-1100 htpc case. If I can fit it all in that is.
More of an audio pc though, with a Burr Brown pga2311 based preamp, and if I can handle the soldering; a pcm2702 based usb soundcard. With a couple of dedicated psu's ofcourse, I've found that it's no good trying to filter the pc's psu. It just sounds so harsh.
It's all stereo atm, but with the pga2311 design it wouldn't be a problem to add more channels. Stereo is imho still the best for audio, so it'll probably stay 2-channel for a while though.

I must say that microsoft has done a good job with MCE, works flawlessly as a normal computer and with a touch of a button; nicely as a media center.
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