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Default Re: Do you have a HTPC?

Compaq Evo D500.
P4 1.7 Ghz, 256 MB RAM
Swapped HDD for a 2nd hand 80GB item.
Standard Def Digital TV card
SB Live 5.1 card with F&R analogue outs.
Bluetooth KB and mouse
250GB 3.5" HDD in external USB case.
802.11b USB wireless ethernet
4.1 speaker system.
ATI half-height AGP card with S-video out.

Entire thing cost me less than AUD$500 (from OCAU forums and ebay) when the Topfield PVR cost AUD$1200. I have a large Grundig TV so no HDTV for me, and no plasma for some years so I just use a S-video interconnect.

I just use XP coz the version of MCP I tried was dodgy on this HW.

Probably just a triffle underpowered for the digital TV, and the lack of USB2 is a pain. Next time I'd hunt for the D510, but for now, happy.
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