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Default Re: Do you have a HTPC?

pHaestus, Your system and mine are quite similar, only that my current system has an Hauppauge 350 and a SB Audigy 2zs (I use a mixer board for my audio components inputs).

I'm running XP-Pro with 3rd party software. My system is a schizophrenic one, wearing many hats at different times! I have a 21" CRT monitor that I use now (on a trial basis loan from local 'puter shop for replacement of my 19"). I can "roll back) in my small room, and using my remote control and such, do just about everything MCE does (though I am seriously considering dual booting).

Newest build will incorporate more media center hardware... along with a tower that only contains fans for the water rad, and mobo cooling. Should make system much more "media friendly" quiet at those times I would like such... yet be able to "crank 'er up" when the need arises.
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