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Default Re: Anyone have a Snap 520? Upgraded it?

Originally Posted by bruski View Post
Does your procedure differ from Schnappi's? Do you have it documented somewhere in these forums?
My procedure is the one I came up with on my own way back when and it is documented all over the place here on the forum (sorry, I am not going to go look up links).

Originally Posted by bruski View Post
Thanks for the link to the Overland position on this, but yes, I already know they say it won't work, don't do it. Which is contrary to what others here (including yourself) have said.

Um, NO! I do not believe I have ever said on this forum that you could use 2TB drives without GOS v5+, and if I did, I was drunk that day.... So I will have to say PROVE IT....

Now I have said that Adaptec told us they (the Snap 520 and 410) could not be upgraded, which was a lie, because they can and I myself have done it. But nowhere in there did I ever give a GOS version.

The base Linux version for GOS 4 does not support 2TB drives from my understanding from my software guru buddies. Thus, it appears the statement from Overland on this issue is true, and I have never said otherwise. Now have I tried it? No. But I am confident my software guru guys didn't lie to me and have no reason to question them on it. Besides, I would think anyone who was going for 8TB would want the newest GOS anywise. JMO

Now, with that said, the information does not discuss 1TB drives (or 1.5TB). And since I have not tried either 1TB or 1.5TB drive on a unit with below GOS v5, and I have not discussed it with any of my software guru buddies, I cannot say what is required for them. If you have a unit with GOS 4 and have the drives or want to spend the money on the drives to find out, feel free to do so and let us all know. Me? I don't have the money to go out and buy a set of drives to answer a question, sorry. I do not have any 1.5TB drives to test with and I only have one set of 1TB drives and they already have GOS 5.2.067 on them. I doubt I will buy any drives below 2TB in the future either. Again, sorry....

And yes, I get a little teste when people try to put words in my mouth that I don't believe. Just my nature. I helped with what I could and believe to be facts. If that is not good enough, I am sorry...
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