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Default Re: Can't delete iscsi disk

No data at all. I'd tried the factory reset before and just tried it again. Went thru initial set up and all. The three failed iscsi volumes with zero length are still there. I think at this point I'll put a spare disk in one of my production 550's. Once it gets the OS, I'll pull all drives on the 18000 and put the spare disk in it. IF it comes up and the iscsi disks are gone, hopefully their config is not in flash, then I'll wipe the original disks and reinstall slowly so they all get a working OS. IF not I can always use a boat anchor. The 18000 was taken out of production as the cache battery had failed. Swolen up su bad the solider tabs tore off the card. rebuilt with new batteries and works ok so I was goint to use the 18000 as storage for new vm machines we're testing
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